EToS: Efficient Technology of Spike-sorting

Extra-cellularly recorded signals by single or multi electrodes contain the spike events of a number of adjacent or distant neurons. Spike-sorting methods are techniques to sort detected multi-unit activities into spike trains of individual neurons and important step for analysis of multi-neuron activities. "EToS" is a high performance spike-sorting system using latest technologies concerned with signal processing and machine learning and can accurately sort spikes into many neurons. Programs in EToS are all parallelized using OpenMP and efficiently calculate on the computers with multi-core processors.


Version 3 is now available.


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Version 1

Accurate spike-sorting for multiunit recordings.
Takashi Takekawa, Yoshikazu Isomura and Tomoki Fukai.
European Journal of Neuroscience, 31(2):263-272 (2010).

Version 3

Spike sorting of heterogeneous neuron types by multimodality-weighted PCA and explicit robust variational Bayes.
Takashi Takekawa, Yoshikazu Isomura and Tomoki Fukai.
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 6:5 (2012).

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